Out of Bounds Film Festival

Out of Bounds Film Festival
Out of Bounds Film Festival

Out of Bounds is an independent event, in Molfetta, southern Italy.

In the 1945 the U.S. army landed in the south of Italy to liberate it and they came also through Molfetta, our city. During their passage the allies marked down few street quarters as “OUT OF BOUNDS” because of the “social dangerousness” of the people who lived there. In the first two editions, 2013 and 2014, our festival was held in two squares, Piazza San Michele and Piazza delle Erbe, near the areas still considered by many “out of bounds”. The choice of an open air cinema in these squares is related to our social vocational, aimed at encouraging the use and and enjoyment of a certain ‘quality cinema’. The 2015 edition was held in the cloister of the church of San Domenico in the harbor area of the city.
During Out of Bounds events participate about four hundred visitors each year.

The open-air cinema “Out Of Bound” is run by filmmakers and aims to celebrate the very best in indie and encourage all aspects of independent film making. It focuses on the unconventional, the unusual, the underground, the intuitive, the innovative and the true.

Awards & Prizes

Three main awards will be given to the winning films:

Best Film Award,
Best Director Award
Audience Award
Two of more Special Mentions.

Rules & Terms

1) All genres are accepted. Foreign language films must be subtitled in English (English will be subtitled in English).
2) Maximum film duration: 35:00 minutes (including credits).
3) All genre films will accepted.
4) Filmmakers competing in festivals that require they not to show their films online.
5) By submitting to the Festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film and you agree to allow your project to be shown in Out of Bounds Film Festival. Your name and information about your project may be used for promotion.
6) Filmmakers must be at least 16 years old to enter.
7) Submissions in languages other than Italian must be subtitled in English (English will be subtitled in English).
8) Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.
12) The film production could be from any year.
13) The festival has the right to disqualify or remove any winning film for any reasons, without having to explain the reasons to the submitter.
14) The Festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or scheduling.
15) The Festival reserves the right to shut the festival at any time without any notification
16) Any Film, selected or not selected, will be a decision of selection panel which is final and accepted by all.
19) The decision of jury members will be final and accepted by all.
20) By Submitting the film, you agree to our GENERAL AGREEMENT FOR PARTICIPATION Out of Bounds 2015 and that you have read our Rules and Regulations

WE PREFER SECURE ONLINE SUBMISSIONS IN HIGH DEFINITION. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly method for us, but it also allows your film to be reviewed by our screeners/reviewers as quickly as possible.


In order for your title to be included in the Festival, you must agree to provide the following materials within 14 days of acceptance:

1. One screen shot of a scene within the project and key art/ poster (if available). Image must be in JPG or PNG format and AT LEAST 300 dpi resolution.

2. A trailer of the film emailed to us in .MOV format to promote your project on our website and social media.

3. Exhibition format of your project no later than 14 days after acceptance.

4. Copies of press releases and additional press materials after acceptance ONLY, please do not send with submissions before you’re accepted.

5. If you are available to attend the festival with crew and/or talent, please let us know. Once accepted into the festival, we will also send you an online form asking you who will be attending.

Submitting your film does not guarantee festival acceptance or screening.