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Big Little Filmmaker is the first ever, online community and resource center specifically created for young filmmakers. It is a networking resource for young filmmakers to share their experiences and collaborate on projects. In addition, it is also an information portal offering a wide range of film-related topics. Some of these subjects will include:

  • interviews with both professional and young filmmakers,
  • a database of film festivals specifically aimed fully or partially at young filmmakers, and
  • resources for learning and improving skills,

to name just a few…all geared towards young filmmakers.

“There are many incredible resources available to filmmakers including heavily discounted trips to film festivals as well as affordable, if not free, film-related experiences, but it can be difficult to find them especially if you are new to the film community,” said nineteen year old founder Kira Bursky, an award-winning filmmaker. “With Big Little Filmmaker, we are centrally locating all of that information and making it readily available to young filmmakers all over the world. We want to make the process of learning and applying the fantastic, film-related resources much easier to discover and use.”

Kira Bursky, who won the Best Overall Film award at the All American High School Film Festival (AAHSFF) in 2014 with her film “We’re Okay,” announced the launching of the Big Little Filmmaker website before an audience of hundreds of the most talented high school filmmakers in the world along with film industry professionals as the guest speaker at the October 9 opening night ceremony at the 2015 AAHSFF.

“Many young filmmakers are searching for educational options,” stated Bursky. “Big Little Filmmaker will provide information concerning the varied educational choices available including college degree programs, high school curricula, as well as alternative film training avenues.”

Over time, Big Little Filmmaker will be adding features to its product offering, many of which will originate from members’ suggestions.

And that’s the exciting part.

Big Little Filmmaker is your community resource. The direction it takes, the information it focuses upon, the services it provides are going to be based as much upon its members as it does its management team.

Let’s do this together!

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