A Short Welcome From Kira

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Dear Young Filmmaker,

It is exciting to welcome you to Big Little Filmmaker and to be able to offer this wonderful resource to you to become part of our collective filmmakers’ network.

Big Little Filmmaker was created as a resource to assist and support young filmmakers who are new to the world of filmmaking and have questions. In many cases, a young filmmaker may live in an area where there isn’t a local group of filmmakers who can assist her in navigating the film festival scene. Or, the young filmmaker may be interested in pursuing filmmaking educationally but he has no idea what options are available or where they may exist. Often, young filmmakers want to bounce ideas off of their filmmaking peers but find that there is no one locally with whom they can communicate.

Big Little Filmmaker provides the answer for these questions and more. We have created a resource for you, the young filmmaker, to discover the film festivals that are available as well as prepare for the requirements requested by each film festival. It is a place where young filmmakers can learn through interviews about other young filmmakers from around the country and around the world as well as find out about professional filmmakers and what they are doing today and how they got there.

And, it is a place where young filmmakers can communicate, can build relationships, can collaborate, can ask questions through the online social network and forums that are Big Little Filmmaker.

You may be interested in lighting or cinematography. Or perhaps directing or producing. Whatever area of filmmaking you are pursuing, Big Little Filmmaker is here to help.

I started the company in order to help other young filmmakers travel through the filmmaking world with others. Not alone but with people who have been there and done it and are interested in helping you reach your goals.

Just as importantly, Big Little Filmmaker, is your resource. We are a company that will evolve over time, in no small part, because of the input and suggestions we anticipate we will receive from you.

So, welcome aboard as we follow our individual filmmaking dreams with the support of an active and positive group of like-minded creative and passionate artists.

Our adventure together begins now…

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  1. Thatcher Johnson-Welden

    My entire family is so very proud of you and appreciative of all that you are doing to help and promote young filmmakers. I look forward to collaborating with you for many years to come. Thank you Kira! Let the Adventure Begin!

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